Our clients consist of private and institutional investors. We provide investors an option to invest together with a professional institution. We collaborate with the client’s own company and we can ensure the optimal result for the client. Our clients at TK Property Management are wealthy individuals, their families, and institutional investors who want to invest in the growing Finnish Real estate sector. We help our clients to secure different types of real estate projects that are usually out of reach for both private and institutional investors. We consider our clients as partners rather than customers. As a partner of ours, you will receive a vast amount of experience that we have built during decades of operating in Finland and abroad during our over 40-year history. However, we are very considerate about what we do and with whom.


We offer our customers a holistic view and a wide range of solutions from property development, construction, renovation, and planning to land development, property management, leasing, and management of rental housing units. We handle each project precisely, carefully, with great detail in planning and coordination.


We offer a wide range of solutions and services for Institutional investors. These include managing a single property, the management, restructuring, development, and a sale of a large-scale real estate portfolio. Given our experience that has been built during decades of operating we provide services from purchasing the raw land all the way to signing the transaction. Our holistic vision of the real estate industry has been built both in Finland and abroad. Currently, we have been focusing mainly on highly valuable, architecturally rich properties in Finland.

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