Project Development

Increasing shareholder value

Our service covers the full lifespan of real estate development. The process is led with a primary focus on increasing shareholder value.

We value ownership and therefore, our operating philosophy is based on it whereas the investment is based on the returns and the values that are agreed upon with the customer.

Depending on the needs of your client, we can carry out the entire real estate development or construction process or, alternatively, only part of it.

Real estate development and change of use for the property.

As buildings age and the environment evolves the returns of the property might no longer meet expectations. We define the development framework based on opportunities, boundary conditions, and goals and implement the project accordingly. Adherence to the cost forecast is a prerequisite for achieving the return target.

Area development-projects

We focus on increasing the value of the land through the client’s investment strategy. This can be done individually or as joint projects between separate clients.


RS is a system that is widely used in the Finnish housing market. The RS system ensures that the projects are concluded by the plans, thus providing safety for the customer. We have decades worth of experience in RS Projects, and therefore, we can lead these projects or aid by managing the sale and marketing process of RS properties.

Rental Properties for real estate investors

Our long history in managing and renting residential properties gives us a unique insight regarding what kind of rental housing is worth building and in which areas. Since 2010, we have been involved in building approximately 1,800 rental apartments in Southern Finland.

The most important phase of the project

The preconditions for success are already created during the project development phase. In addition to brainstorming, the key task is to ensure the feasibility of the project and the quality of the result. We at Taitokaari see that the most successful project is created through close, multidisciplinary cooperation together with the customer. We offer you the following services during the project development phase:

  • identification of project opportunities and innovation
  • needs assessments
  • architectural and technical project planning
  • urban planning and town planning
  • concept design of housing and business premises
  • architectural competitions
  • life cycle and energy services
  • feasibility studies
  • cost accounting and construction management
  • project management services

Towards an optimal result

Careful project development that considers the property throughout creates substantial additional value for the property owner. The most important decisions are made at the beginning of the project, and they impact the technical and operational quality of the site, the costs and schedule of the project, and the environmental impact and operating costs. The primary goal is always to achieve an optimal result by the goals set by the customer.


We have an extensive network of partners, but we are truly independent and always look for the best solution for the customer in terms of financing, design, and construction. WE ARE NOT COMMITTED TO ANY DESIGNERS OR SOLUTION MODELS

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